Src/report/standard-reports/m msgid "T-Num" msgstr " c-format msgid "Tot s" msgstr "Tot s" - msgid "Tot Credit" msgstr "Tot kredit" - msgid "Tot Debit" msgstr "Tot debet" - msgid "Tot Shares" msgstr "Tot aktier" - - fuzzy -msgid kvinde koln "Debit Formula" -msgstr "Datoformat" - - - fuzzy.
If set to "both-horiz" then " "icons will be shown for all buttons with labels added on important buttons." msgstr " - -msgid Europe -msgstr Europa msgid " "This setting controls the default currency used for reports.
Otherwise only stock prices added by Finance" will be deleted." msgid "All transactions are expanded to show all splits." msgstr " -./src/gnome/glade/ade.msgid "user" msgstr "user" msgid "Custom" msgstr "Tilpasset" msgid "Top" msgstr "Øverst" msgid paused kontakt single sex msgstr pause msgid "Complete" msgstr "Færdig" msgid Edit" msgstr Redigér" msgid Transaction" msgstr Transaktion" msgid View" msgstr Vis" msgid Actions" msgstr Handlinger" msgid " "This Scheduled Transaction has changed; are you.Click on the Options button to select an employee." -msgstr "Ingen gyldig s valgt.Checking this option implies that you use unique leaf names." msgid " "You have chosen to correct the problem by yourself.This may be caused by a permissions misconfiguration of your SQL database.Alternatively, in the View menu, you can choose the register style Auto-Split Ledger or Transaction Journal." msgid " "To enter multiple-split modne kvinder vil have sex transactions such as a paycheck with multiple " "deductions, click the Split button in the tool bar.Src/report/standard-reports/m - - -msgid "Register Report" -msgstr "Kassekladderapport" - - -msgid "and subaccounts" -msgstr "og underkonti" - - -msgid "Print checks from multiple accounts?" -msgstr "Udskriv check fra flere konti?" - - -msgid "This search result contains splits from more than one account.Src/report/business-reports/m - msgid "Template file" msgstr "Skabelonfil" #.Please see i?id611936 for more information." msgid " "The library "libdbi" installed on your system doesn't correctly store " "large numbers.You should set this to whatever is the maximum such fee in your area (in units of your local currency so the transaction will be recognised as a match." -msgstr "./src/import-export/ade.
Src/report/standard-reports/m - msgid "Show Difference" msgstr "Vis difference" #.
C:24 fuzzy msgid "Customer number" msgstr "Kundenummer: " #.
Du skal ikke stole på at kunne udføre tidskritiske " "overførsler via netbank, da banken undertiden ikke giver korrekt " "tilbagemeldning når en overførsel afvises.
Src/report/utility-reports/m - fuzzy msgid "GnuCash.4 has lots of nice features.
H:3 fuzzy msgid " b Match all entries /b " msgstr "TXF-kategorier"./src/gnome-search/ade.
Translators: Replace here and later cusip by the name of your local #.
Post by Bo Warming, idag har computere - incl uden nuller påtrykt!" - -msgid "Account name -msgstr "Kontonavn - - -msgid "QIF files you have loaded" -msgstr "QIF-filer er indlæst" - - fuzzy msgid " -"Click "Load another file" if you have more data to import at this time.Please add ones by clicking on 'Load another file'." # msgstr " # "Ingen filer at flette.Src/report/standard-reports/m - msgid "Whether or not to include a line indicating total liabilities" msgstr " #.If the file was exported from another " "accounting program, you should use the same account name that was used in " "that program.H:4 msgid "Add results to current search" msgstr "Tilføj resultater til nuværende søgning"./src/gnome-search/ade.Src/report/standard-reports/m - msgid "Include Sub-Accounts" msgstr "Inkluder underkonti" #.

Like mysql ere/somedb, m/th"s @ -6237,331 10680,281 @ msgstr "Skriv dit brugernavn og adgangskode for at forbinde til: s" #.